The left’s approach to social policy is to shield people from the American economy, while conservatives’ approach must be to enable them to enjoy its benefits—to enable people to move up rather than to make them more secure in poverty. Conservatives know that this is where our principles point, but we need to make sure that the striving immigrant worker or the struggling single mom knows that too.”

Love this Yuval Levin quote from William McGurn’s take on the Life of Julia in the Wall Street Journal today, which (unfortunately) won the day on Election Day. Waiting around to see if the Americans who need/want assistance come around to conservatism, see the light of free enterprise, embrace the big picture of history – is a failing political strategy. Just ask the Romneys, a family that really does understand the American dream. Our problems remain the same: media, entertainment and public education have made themselves our enemies. Now is the time to take this battle to the enemy.

Let’s roll.