There is no expiration date on the Bill of Rights. That was the sentiment expresed by the vast majority of those attending what was billed, somewhat ironically, as an anti-gun presentation last Sunday at the Glenview, IL police complex. A handful of speakers offered arguments like “the gun owners are like Nazis” and “the 2nd Amendment may not be needed today” to the mostly unfriendly audience – in a classic socialist format where questions had to be written and handed in for screening. Watch h0w a military veteran confronts the (uncomfortable looking) professor who spoke for gun control.

Legal Insurrection has more on the story here.* And note that State Senator Dan Biss (D-9) is there in the first frame.

*Interesting and relevant (to local conservatives) comment on this article in Legal Insurrection:

9thDistrictNeighbor |       January 22, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Give that man a C-GAR! Glenview is still home to a small Navy base left from the former Naval Air Station (now a bankrupt shopping center with a large number of foreclosed houses), but that doesn’t explain the turnout. The only thing worse than the condescending New Trier Democrat organization is the weak and dithering New Trier Republican organization.