Well, NTRO still can ask for money – notwithstanding it’s being an “off year,” and notwithstanding the group’s 100% failure in the 2012 election. Let’s take account: every candidate they supported lost, including Bob Dold (whose district no longer covers New Trier Township). Did NTRO help Republican Tim Wolfe, who took on our 9th District representative, Jan Schakowsky, reknowned as the most liberal member of Congress? No, Wolfe is, well, too outspokenly conservative, not even allowed to give a 2-minute speech at the annual Dinneree. Did they support Glenn Farkas in his run for State Senate? Did they assist Glenn in his recent (failed) attempt to get on the ballot for school board in Glenview? – no way. Are they working with Jasmine Hauser, a committed conservative who is running for Wilmette District 39 school board? Did NTRO join other courageous conservatives last week in publicizing an anti-gun rally that sought to undermine the Constitution (1st and 2nd Amendments)? No, might offend some . . . donors.

Memo: just wrote my grocery list on the back of the NTRO solicitation.