Mark Kirk knows Hagel is wrong for Defense – whatever is Rand Paul thinking?

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Memo to strict constitutionalists: the Senate’s responsibility to offer “advise and consent” on presidential appointments should not be interpreted to mean “the president gets elected, so the Senate has to give him leeway to pick whomever he wants.” No way.

Sen. Hagel’s past views and statements place him far outside the bipartisan mainstream on key issues like Iran sanctions, European designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist group and the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

Rand Paul was one of four Republican senators to vote to confirm Hagel as Secretary of Defense; Mark Kirk voted “no.” Read more from Lynn Sweet in the Sun Times.


There are 2 sides to the 2nd District primary coin – take a minute to get to know the conservative candidate.

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So Paul McKinley comes out of nowhere and wins the Republican primary for representative in the 2nd Congressional District.

I’ve met him and heard him speak and liked his message – and kept my expectations pretty low. But there it is, with 95 percent of the votes in, he’s ahead by 23 votes at 11:30 p.m. on Election Day. Last week, I wrote why I think he makes a better “representative” of that district than his opponents. But it’s ironic that I know and like both Paul McKinley and Eric Wallace. 23 votes apart.

Most of the local press ignored the Republican side of the campaign – Laura Washington of the Sun Times called the GOP candidates “road kill.” With no money and no establishment support, Paul McKinley just got out there and met the folks, told his story.

Earlier this evening, I wrote to an old friend at Illinois Review, asking her to interview this unique candidate as the good journalist she is. Here’s what I said: I’m truly sorry if Eric Wallace and his GOP friends are disappointed by Paul McKinley’s squeaker win tonight in the Republican primary for the 2nd District. As Paul’s friend, I would like to see Illinois Review cover his unique perspective much more effectively than the “journalists” in the MSM  – and a lot better than by calling him out as unqualified for going to jail as a teenager. All this time I’ve thought that conservatives were more about redemption and forgiveness.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch the magic that Paul McKinley can make happen in a room full of 2nd District voters, the passion his message can inspire, the example he represents – that someone can change, get an education, embrace conservative family values and survive the punishment to become a better person. I can only urge you to talk with him in person; let Paul McKinley make the case for his Republican candidacy. I think he deserves that much.

Progress Kentucky takes progressivism to a new, low level of nasty. #racism

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Kentucky Democrats are apologizing (reluctantly?) for a local SuperPac, Progress Kentucky, that got caught on social media attacking the wife of a Republican senator, using her race as the bait.

Elaine Chao is a native of Taiwan and was secretary of labor for two terms under President George W. Bush. But according to some Kentucky Democrats looking to unseat her husband, Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Chao’s alledged favoritism to China while in the Bush cabinet “may explain why your job moved to China.” And we thought family attacks were off limits in the sensitive world of political progressivism . . .

More about Elaine Chao: like ConservativeBrand, she is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College; she also has an MBA from Harvard and currently is a distinguised fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

There she is . . . again. FLOTUS and more FLOTUS. #Cforgeometrydress

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Where will it end? Only a few days after her slimedance on TV, we get this special wake-up treat after 17 hours of stultifying Oscar boredom – the anti-dignity, never-LauraBush Michelle arrayed in front of her no-choice secret service detail who are specially dressed up in military uniforms. And she is all about anything but thanking the military as she opens up the envelope. Whatever. Same for the Oscars.

Candidates are dropping like flies in the race to fill JJJ’s shoes as he heads to the clinker.

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Check out Illinois Review‘s article by Rebel Pudit Jeremy Segal on the chaos surrounding the upcoming primary to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s 2nd District seat. The Democrats are having the hardest time figuring out just which Machine candidate they want – that is, which candidate Mayor Rahmigulus or Mayor Nanny Bloomberg or President Golfer-in-Chief has pre-selected for the citizens of that district. Read more here.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy celebrate 200 years of gracious living.

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Hard to believe, but everyone’s favorite novel – Pride and Prejudice – is 200 years old, and the Brits are celebrating it with honorary stamps. Time to massage our over-stimulated brains by revisiting some of the finest prose in the English language. Read all about the stamps here.

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice 1st class stamp

So this is your opinon of me? Thank you. Perhaps these offences might have been overlooked had your pride not been hurt by scruples about our relationship. Am I to rejoice in the inferiority of your recent circumstances?

Illinois GOP Pat Brady will honor Exelon’s John Rowe March 19th in Chicago. #whatever

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IL GOP Chaiman Pat Brady must have a political death wish, or else there is no hope for Republicans in Illinois (hmmm. . .) Rowe was notorious back when former 10th District Rep. Mark Kirk followed his advice and voted for Cap and Trade legislation – a move that spurred such a negative backlash in his North Shore district that Kirk reportedly burst into tears. Now the state chairman, who recently tried to innoculate two Republican candidates for governor (Dan Rutherford and Aaron Schock) by spearheading Republican support for the recent gay marriage vote in the Illinois legislature*, is planning an event March 19th to honor Rowe – who has been a major Democrat donor for years. National GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus will be joining him.

*Brady did manage to get ONE Republican legislator on board for the vote.

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