By making the vulnerable a primary focus, conservatives will be better able to
confront some common blind spots. Corporate cronyism should be decried as every
bit as noxious as statism, because it unfairly rewards the powerful and
well-connected at the expense of ordinary citizens. Entrepreneurship should not
to be extolled as a path to accumulating wealth but as a celebration of everyday
men and women who want to build their own lives, whether they start a business
and make a lot of money or not. And conservatives should instinctively welcome
the immigrants who want to earn their success in America.”

Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute offers a new agenda for the national Republican Party in today’s Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile Illinois remains the #fail state thanks to decades of Democrat control of government, “Combine” corruption, and establishment Republican cronyism. Paul McKinley, the self-admitted “flawed candidate” for Illinois’ 2nd District, manages to communicate effectively with the vulnerable in his community, yet Republicans and the Media are dissing his candidacy. Maybe McKinley’s is the kind of message that should introduce the kind of change we need – starting in the Illinois Republican ranks.