*** UPDATE*** This meeting was cancelled before it happened. Looks like somebody got to the conservative challengers – or maybe it was just because Brady was on vacation . . .

While the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party vacations out of town, the state central committee will meet Saturday to argue about Pat Brady’s continuing viability as chairman. Just last Monday, he was (curiously) a no-show at the Northwest Suburban Lincoln Day dinner where Senator Rand Paul was speaking to almost 700 Republicans. Some conservative lawmakers such as state Sen. Jim Oberweis have advocated removing Brady from office due to his “personal campaign” to support gay marriage in the state legislature – an issue that goes against the state GOP agenda. Word is that Brady took on the issue in an attempt to innoculate two possible governor candidates who happen to be gay (if closeted). At any rate, the legislation squeaked by in the state House but still faces stiff opposition in the Senate.

The super-secret (always) state central committee might be better served by a discussion of the results of the 2012 election, in which most of the major Republican candidates lost. Conservative congressional candidates such as Rep. Joe Walsh, Rep. Bobby Schilling and Tim Wolfe (running in the 9th District against Rep. Jan Schakowsky) all received little or no help from the party regulars. Meanwhile moderate favorite Bob Dold, even with lavish support, also lost. Bottom line: Illinois needs conservative leadership a la Gov. Scott Walker, a.s.a.p.