When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin? A reporter once asked me, why I don’t talk about race? I said, because I’m a Neurosurgeon. You see when I take someone to the operating room and I cut the scalp and pull it down and take off the bone flap and open the Dura, I’m operating on what makes that person who they are. Their color doesn’t make them who they are. When will people understand that?”

Dr. Ben Carson spoke on the final day of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Saturday. Ben Carson is leaving pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in just over 100 days – he will stay with the human brain though, working to promote American education. And run for POTUS in 2016? Here is his CPAC speech. Preceding Dr. Carson’s speech is a talk by Eric Metaxas, author of biographies of William Willberforce (Amazing Grace) and Dietrich Bonhoeffer; if you want to skip the first speech, go to 21:00 on the Youtube tape.