Mike Basil, for Wilmette president                     Cameron Krueger, for Village Trustee


Jasmine Hauser, for Wilmette District 39 Board of Education

Here are three of the candidates for local elected office who are endorsed by conservativeBrand, and for whom you should cast a vote on Tuesday, April 9th. Please note: I urge voters to mark their ballots only for these recommended candidates, even when more than one candidate will be elected to a given board. Bullet voting focuses your voting strength on the candidate whom we need most.

For Wilmette Village President, attorney Mike Basil is half way through his second term on the Wilmette Board of trustees. His six years on the board provide a strong foundation for him to lead the village as it works to keeps taxes low and services efficient. Mike Basil is a conservative who looks to private investment in village developments to encourage using sales tax revenues rather than increases in property taxes to fund budgetary needs in the village. He has worked with other local officials as well as state representatives to begin the process of moving towards defined contribution pension plans for local government employees.

Cameron Krueger is a management consultant running for his second term on the Wilmette Village Board. Cam is an active leader in the Wilmette community, raising four children in Wilmette schools and adding a strong conservative voice to village board deliberations.

Jasmine Hauser is courageously running against a slate of incumbent school board members in District 39. With children in the schools and a history as an activist volunteer throughout the community, Jasmine would bring a voice of reason to a board that has proved unflinching in its desire to raise taxes to finance the ever increasing demands of the public schools. Your vote for Jasmine Hauser would affect the fiscal decisions that make up (along with the New Trier High School Board of Education) 80 percent of your property tax bill.

More recommendations:

Michael Levitan for Wilmette Library Board

Jan Gargula and Hamilton Chang for New Trier Twp. board

Gregory Robitaille for New Trier High School board of education

Gene Greables for Winnetka village president

Glenn Farkas for Glenview school board (write-in candidate)