The specific charges revolve not just around Toomey’s out-front stance on gun control background checks, but rather that “everything” Toomey does “is focus grouped.” A reference to the practice of taking political positions based not on conservative principle but polling.”

What is it about politicians, even those who seem to be committed conservatives, when they start looking towards a second term? All of a sudden, getting reelected is the name of the game, and the path to reelection is turning into a quasi-Democrat. American Spectator takes on the latest disappointment that is Senator Pat “Arlen” Toomey. Meanwhile, ConservativeBrand is meeting with GOP Chairman Reince Preibus tonight to hear the case for moderation on the national level. Here’s the history of local congressional district representation here in Illinois:

John Porter — Mark Kirk — Bob Dold — Jan Schakowsky

Tune in tomorrow for the national GOP (positive) take on this (sad) fate.