• When I have an abortion, am I murdering my baby?
  • If it is OK to abort a baby that is in utero for 24 weeks, what changes one day after that?
  • What kind of organism is in the womb during, perhaps, the first trimester? Squirrel? Lobster? Human?
  • If an aborted baby/fetus lives/breathes/cries in the operating room, is stabbing him to stop the living/breathing/crying murder or abortion?

The mushy middle, moral relativist “pro-choice” (of course, not pro-abortion) position has always been an easy way out, but it is inherently false and morally sloppy. James Taranto, a lifelong pro-choicer at the Wall Street Journal, summarizes the science and morality before and after Roe v. Wade. Take time to read through these arguments and then make a conscious decision on the moral dilemma of this century: what is the definition of a human baby? Thou shalt not kill.