Let us give thanks: the Republican National Committee (RNC) just voted at its Spring meeting to reject Common Core, the nationalized school curriculum standards slipped quietly into place by Obama regime stimulus funds. The standards never were tested and were instituted during the national turmoil over ObamaCare passage. State educators who signed onto the curriculum thanks to the Federal funds that came with them now are learning about the standards and getting cold feet – parents in school districts with high academic standards already are becoming alarmed about dumbing down – and even more importantly, the total absence of local or parental input into what students learn and how their achievement is measured. National testing under Common Core would assure Federal control of curriculum, and the family and student data mining that is a central provision gives the Federal government a means to control learning content – a.k.a. propaganda. Unfortunately, Teachers Union-controlled Illinois is not one of the states at the forefront of the protest against Common Core. Wilmette District 39, a high-achieving school district, is an example of a district that has bought the standards hook, line and sinker. In Alabama, the State Senate education committee has just sent legislation to the full state Senate for a vote to repeal Common Core in that state, citing the harm a “one size fits all” curriculum would do to students. Wake up, Illinois!

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