The Strongsville, OH Board of Education could have gone either way – give in to teachers union demands that would bankrupt the district or hold firm against a 7-week, still continuing strike. The Board took the strike, and guess what – students are still learning (except those truants who choose to be used as pawns by the union), and the taxpayers are getting the representation they voted for.

Here’s a lesson for Wilmette District 39 taxpayers, who chose a slate of candidates (known as the Final Four) in this month’s election that looks pretty much like the Board that strong-armed a property tax increase through the community a couple of years ago. Turns out some of the taxpayers didn’t think so much of the tax increase when it popped up on their bills. They should know that the 5.5 percent (average, annual) raises the taxpayers enabled in that referendum are up for renegotiation right now. Last we heard, 5.5% is not “keeping up with inflation” in anyone’s book. And every public union raise adds to the pension liability that is bankrupting the entire state of Illinois right now. Let’s watch (for once) and see if the District 39 Board of Education shows some spine – although this is Illinois, not Ohio.