No one can doubt Senator Marco Rubio’s good intentions, both for the Republican Party and his country. But it’s becoming more and more clear that he is falling into the same trap that entangled even most-favored President Ronald Reagan – Democrat promises in the future in exchange for immigration amnesty now.

Schumer’s genius is to have placated Rubio not just with promises, but with  new versions of old promises. Rubio touts the bill’s mandate for the creation of  an exit-entry tracking system, a key piece of the puzzle of controlling who comes here. Congress first mandated the creation of such a system in 1996 . . . If the Gang of Eight bill becomes law, a natural political dynamic will take  over. Denying any undocumented immigrant newly legal status will seem arbitrary  and unfair, and so the notionally tough requirements for legal status will be only loosely applied. Pro-amnesty advocacy groups and the business lobby will work to undermine enforcement in the courts and in Congress. And the new  argument against Republicans will become that they are alienating Latino voters by insisting on an inexcusably drawn-out process for formerly undocumented  immigrants to get a citizenship (and become voters).”

Rubio needs to take a giant step back to the conservative position, and then stick to it: demonstrate border security now, then watch the country come together for immigration reform from the top down. Read more about the Rubio proposal here.