Updated Tuesday
Although most of Winnetka, Wilmette, Glencoe, Northfield and Kenilworth now are the 9th Congressional District, many North Shore voters are continuing to receive fundraising requests from the Bob Dold (not quite yet) for Congress campaign – in the 10th District to the north and west of us. Now Senator Mark Kirk has joined that bandwagon, and we can only wonder if there is some truth to the rumor that Kirk is thinking about resigning from the Senate sooner rather than later.
Although IL Governor “Marshmallow” Quinn (D) has the legal right to appoint a successor to fill out the next four years of Kirk’s term, rumor has it that there was a meeting between the heads of the Republican and Democrat parties in Illinois last weekend to make a deal concerning the succession. Why would Quinn consider appointing a “Republican” like Bob Dold? It might be just what the Illinois Democrats want – a moderate (working across the aisle/compromising) who votes reliably with Harry Reid’s program. That breed of Republican is on the wane, and Mark Kirk might want to resign only on the promise that Sen. Susan Collins et al have a friend in the Senate. Just speculating . . .
Here’s the letter from Mark Kirk, in case you missed it:

The 10th District needs Bob Dold. Bob has shown time and time again his willingness to put partisanship aside and work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to move our country forward. Bob and I have worked to strengthen the security of Israel and to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. We worked together to introduce the Great Lakes Water Protection Act to ban sewage dumping in the Great Lakes. We have both been strong advocates for protecting access to women’s health care. Bob remains focused and committed to getting our neighbors back to work and reining in out of control spending  Since becoming the Congressman of the 10th District, Bob has demonstrated our community’s longstanding tradition of thoughtful, independent leadership, making him the obvious choice in this election. Please join me in strongly supporting Bob Dold.”

And here’s how Senator Kirk describes the process that led to his compromise on gun legislation.