CNBC aired an even-handed documentary last night on the AR15 rifle, the weapon that has gotten perhaps the most bad publicity since its use by (probably insane) murderer/shooters in Colorado and Sandy Hook. If you watch the show, you would learn that the AR15 is just a rifle – when it’s stripped of its multiple handles, gun sights, extensions and magazine holders, there’s nothing scary there. Take way the crazy shooters, and there is nothing to show that banning this one popular weapon would change the vulnerability of people in crowded, open places.

It’s also not just the “preppers” who are wondering what the Obama administration is up to with gun control.

In fiscal year 2012, DHS purchased more than 103 million rounds of ammunition, to be used by about 70,000 DHS officers who are currently authorized to use weapons. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Thursday that “the math” didn’t make sense, pointing out that this means an average 1300-1600 rounds per DHS officer – some 1000 rounds more than the average for an officer in the Army.”

Those of us who indulge in reading history understand what the early American colonists liked about the liberty to own guns, as witnessed by their placing it second in the Bill of Rights. Congress is getting some information in hearings on activities of the Homeland Security folks. Read more here.