Joel Kotkin, an urban expert who still considers himself a ‘Kennedy Democrat –– John F. Kennedy,’ wrote at Forbes: ‘Most of us would put up with a bit of corruption and special dealing if the results were strong economic and employment growth. But the bare demographic and economic facts for both Chicago and Illinois reveal a stunning legacy of failure.’ Since 2007, the Chicago region has lost more jobs than Detroit has, and more than twice as many as New York. The city’s murder rate is a national disgrace, and its teachers’ union is so powerful that a strike it called last year forced new mayor Rahm Emanuel to back down from his attempt to curb union power.”

John Fund’s National Review column on the Chicago Way and its transmigration to Washington, D.C. via Barack Obama’s backpack may be news to newly-awakened media, but it just a reminder of business as usual here in Illinois.  Sadly, the Detroitesque results are only just beginning to surface in Chicago.