Summertime and the livin’ is easy comes to AP Math via CommonCore (a.k.a. ObamaCore)

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Common Core, the new nationalization of education, via the Obama regime, easily won approval in┬áprogressive states like Illinois without much fuss. We have since learned that the “standards” for English language and math were adopted even before they were announced. Now educators are reading the standards to see what they adopted. English instruction will switch from 70 percent literature and 30 percent non-fiction to the reverse percentages – all the better to propagandize the progressive agenda to children. The message from the Advanced Placement folks (above) announces that algebra is no longer part of the Common Core curriculum, so it is getting dropped from AP testing (and eventually teaching). ‘Nuff said?


Please just explain your (wrong) answer . . . then go ahead and operate on my brain.

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How Common Core gets its juice from the Obama Regime cronies and nationalizes education, public and private.