Shortly after he swore to uphold the Constitution, President Obama decreed the nationalization of education. Some 45 states acceded in order to obtain Federal funds under the first Stimulus, even though their governors and legislators had not *read* any education standards. Soon after, the Department of Education and its stake holders began a media campaign alleging 1) that the Common Core take-over of education had grown out of the states and 2) that the revealed standards for math and language arts are “tougher.” This propaganda has been repeated so often that politicians and local school boards and administrators and teachers unions took the easy road and bought into the scheme – after all, more money is more money.

Now that folks are starting to read the regulations, it is looking more and more like changing to the (clearly unconstitutional) one-size-fits-all system of education and testing will harm not only students, but teachers. Data mining, using nationalized testing to control learning, judging teachers by their adherence to the social justice agenda – well, it’s not what local school districts and parents thought they were buying. Today, even the Wall Street Journal‘s education reporters edged into the controversy:

. . . others worry that the sheer volume and far-reaching nature of the new policies is too much, too fast. Already, the changes have sparked pushback.

And Catholic educators need to watch their backs, along with secular private school educators. Common Core nationalized testing will soon be mandated for all American students; those who haven’t been taught to the test will not be able to apply for higher education – and pretty soon, when it becomes clear that homeschoolers are not absorbing the Federal messages, it will become illegal to teach your own children anything but the Common Core principles. And this will be the real Obama legacy.