Tonight’s Wilmette District 39 Board of Eucation meeting was going to be interesting anyway as a summary of the new teachers union contract was presented to the public. The contract turned out to be anticlimactic for a couple of reasons; the meeting started off with a mind-numbing description of the implementation of the new nationalized education curriculum, Common Core. Betcha not many parents were aware of this iteration of the hope and change agenda – if you think the District 39 curriculum needed total revision, including all new books and tests and lots more – read the bad news here and here and just about everywhere else people are paying attention.

The star attraction at this D39 school board meeting should have been @Herb from Chicago questioning the members about the details of the union contract – information he had FOIAed earlier with no response. Things were just getting interesting as the speaker launched into board accountability. Did everyone watching Channel 6 wake up suddenly with us when the T.V. screen suddenly went blank in mid-sentence? Back came the picture when conservative Wilmette parent Mark Weyermuller came to the microphone, but he quickly got the black-out treatment as well.

Bottom line: the District 39 taxpayers who pay the bills for (what passes for) education don’t have the standing, in the eyes of yet another set of government bureaucrats, to obtain complete information on a union contract. It’s all in the details, which I’m sure we will find out after the contract is ratified and we get a chance to read it.