New spokesman for the WhigGOPIslamoVichyist appeasers? Grover Norquist

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Breibart News is more and more the go-to source for breaking news – and now for excellence in editorial journalism as well. Check out Tony Lee’s recent article on Grover Norquist, following the faux government shut-down.

. . . Norquist is not happy with his newfound competition which doesn’t just purport to reflect the wishes of the grassroots; it actually is the grassroots. Simply put, Norquist represents the past in which Republicans came to Washington vowing to change it only to be changed by it. Cruz represents the future in which conservatives are elected and immediately go to work trying to drain the Washington swamp and obliterate the bipartisan ruling class that Cruz has said is not listening to those outside the Beltway.

Fun watching Sunday a.m. pundits trip over each other to condemn or ridicule Ted Cruz’s true grassroots plan to open the wound of ObamaCare to a much larger audience – which clearly has thwarted all the other plans to appease/wait/bury the problem till after Republicans lose every election and have a real excuse for failure. The conservative movement to cut spending and embrace the founding Constitution is ballooning despite the D.C. cronyleaders.


Adopt a kitten – from a conservative farmette in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District

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Part of conservativeBrand’s extended family has relocated to southern Wisconsin. This family of kittens is living under the deck, and they need homes!

Ever wonder why Media thugs, Democrats and GOP Whigs are soooooo scared of Ted Cruz? Watch out.

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@Sen.MarkKirk plans YES vote to fund gov’t and ObamaCare (only Republican to join Democrats) – Call him immediately 202-224-2854.

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Reportedly Senator Mark Kirk plans to be the only Republican to vote with the Democrats on funding the government.  Please call on Kirk to vote like a fiscal conservative – which is how he ran for office. Call his office and demand that Kirk change his vote.
Here are the numbers for his offices:
Washington: 202-224-2854

Chicago: 312-886-3506

Suburbs: 217-492-5089

Chicago’s Joe Morris: House Republicans just won’t be Obama’s football.

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The Washington Post
Thursday, October 3, 2013
When D.C. Parleyed
Reagan Created the Model, Obama Ignores it
Shutdowns Have Been Frequent Tools of Policy. Just Ask Reagan.
By Joseph A. Morris
Joseph A. Morris was general counsel of the Office of Personnel Management from July 1981 to December 1985.
One party controls the White House and the Senate by less than the margin needed to end a filibuster, and the other party controls the House by a wide margin. A fundamental conflict over government spending is at the heart of an impasse that leads to a shutdown of the federal government.
The year is not 2013 but 1981 .?.?. and 1982, 1984, 1986 and 1987. That’s right, the Reagan years, when President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill would work things out and avoid having to close the Washington Monument. With all due respect to Chris Matthews and other purveyors of this narrative popular in today’s Washington, the reality was quite different.
I joined the staff of the Office of Personnel Management in 1981. Soon after, several decisive actions by the president demonstrated his determination to show that lines had been crossed. One came in August with the firing of striking air traffic controllers. Another came Nov. 20, when Reagan vetoed an appropriations bill that did not achieve at least half of his proposed reduction of $8.4 billion in domestic spending. In the absence of appropriations, the administration shut down the government for four days. More

Hey @McCaskill: it’s bad manners to badmouth Tea Party Americans. #SoapInYourMouth

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Video via Capitol City Project.

Day 2 shut-down of non-essential bureaucrats update: World War II vets hang tough.

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Capitol City Project photo.

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