Indiana and Wisconsin governors get it; now New York teachers turn against Common Core.

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As Illinois politicians and teachers and administrators march along, following the UN underwritten take-over of U.S. education, more and more sensible people are turning thumbs down. It’s not about states creating standards, or improving curriculum, or getting better academic results – it’s about free money from Obama and dumbing kids down. Why is anyone from Illinois surprised?


Still looking for leadership? POTUS is all wrong . . .

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Teri O’Brien rips the Alinsky President in a new e-book, the ABCs of Barack Obama


Great weekend read! Before this Tuesday’s State of the Union (blah, blah, blah*), grab a refresher course in the world according to Barack Obama, as he enters the sixth year of his presidency. Teri O’Brien (teri@teriobrien.com) just released today her e-book, The ABCs of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America. She puts clearly into words what (most of) America has been thinking, and for that matter saying under its breath, for (most of) the last five years. Why oh why did we ever pay attention to this carpetbagger Chicagoan (and black, for that matter) when his whole life and agenda is a lie?

In 26 chapters (that would be the ABCs for those readers from Rio Linda), Teri O’Brien summarizes the scandals, biographical questions, the miss-steps and the policy disasters that we have absorbed from this president of the United States. The first Pinocchio is for education policy: how about his own daughters attending Sidwell Friends while he made sure poor minority kids in D.C. could no longer get a fair chance via the voucher program. That was all about the unions, not the kids; it was an election year, and he needed the union vote.

I especially liked the P is for Phony chapter. Didn’t we hear ad nauseum that targeting Tea Party groups, the death of four Americans in Benghazi, the Fast and Furious gun running debacle, and Solyndra green energy scheme were phony scandals? I would remind the prez that ObamaCare is turning out to be the real scandal of his presidency.

Throughout this bright and readable e-book, Teri O’Brien manages to weave together the components of the case against this ultimate “pol.” It’s a fabric of lying and corruption that would make, well, Chicagoan Saul Alinsky proud.

*h/t to John Kass: State of the Union, We Need Hillary Now

Two new movies you can watch at home, Mitt and Captain Phillips.

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mittcaptphillipsMitt is available on Netflix and Captain Phillips is rentable on DVD. Both have some bottom line moments as documentary (or quasi-documentary) that make them worth a viewing on the small screen.

Essentially an endearing home movie, Mitt reminded me that Andrew Breitbart was right – politicians, at least those leaning right, are running against the Media. Candy Crowley, changing the course of Mitt’s presidential debate, brought us to our feet, yelling at the TV (both Mitt and Candy).

Whether the movie account of Captain Phillips’ 2009 encounter with Somali pirates is accurate or not, it brings home the realization that having a gun to defend your ground is pretty important – and a few Navy Seals make a difference as well.