The razor in the apple – Common Core begins to draw blood.

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As the Common Core nationalized education plan comes to fruition, it’s not just teachers (it’s rifled with unpopular testing), but states that are finding the results poisonous. Tempted by early stimulus dollars, many states bought and sold the narrative that the Core standards emanated from them, when in reality big businesses and the UN were behind the movement. Now states like New York are finding out that the goal is anything but “raising standards for children.” The goal is to provide more and more poorly educated, complacent citizens to fill menial jobs. Period. Unfortunately, Illinois educators (maybe because they are part of the Edublob that is the Illinois Combine Way) remain under the illusion that they can control this behemoth. Read all about it here.


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I’m shocked, shocked . . . Rauner melds with Dems, Indies.

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Well, not really. It was pretty predictable that so-called “GOP” candidate for IL governor Bruce Rauner would find a need to join Democrats to get elected. After all, his bf Rahm Emanuel needs some union bashing to ensure his successful mayorhood and get him chosen as Hillary’s 2016 running mate. And after all, there is a long-term tradition in Illinois (going back to Big Jim Thompson and little Jim Edgar) that Combine Democrats have used a Republican governor to back up their schemes. Watch the fun as the Republican base gets used, putting it politely:


The leadership we lost on March 1, 2012.

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What would Andrew Breitbart do . . . if he knew how the IRS has grown into the tool of Obama’s government power. One more way to “keep the masses down.” It’s good to remember how he phrased it; the Tea Party is still focused on taxes and spending, but there is a conservative cultural foundation to their core beliefs. Remember and act. Andrew’s legacy.

H/T LegalInsurrection.com

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