New Trier High School is back on the ballot November 4th with an $89.4 million property tax increase referendum. An elegant Wilmette taxpayer told me recently that she would be voting “yes” because her “husband and kids graduated from New Trier” – enough said, at least on the North Shore.

After all, this is the district that polls for fiscal responsibility, but elects and re-elects Barack Obama to bring us free stuff, as well as Ebola-gate, ISIS-gate, IRS-gate, VA-gate, Benghazi-gate and, of course, the real prize, ObamaCare. The economy is recovering – well, sort of – does your son or brother-in-law actually have a full-time job? The New Trier School Board, including at least two fiscal conservatives, voted unanimously to go for the current tax increase proposal; it’s a 50 percent reduction from the previous, failed referendum that aimed at building an underground parking garage and fitness facility for the kids.

But this $89 million tax increase, still for New Trier’s building and grounds, is being sold in the neighborhoods as symbolic insurance against the decline in New Trier’s reputation as a first class high school. Translation: supporting a little spending on the facility will prop up property values long enough to allow you to escape from the state due to the astronomical tax increases coming after November 5th from the (bankrupt) state of Illinois and (pension-beleaguered) local governments. Gov. Quinn (or a “reluctant” Gov. Rauner) will have to make the 66 percent income tax increase permanent, shift the cost of teachers union pension obligations from the state to local school districts, and institute income redistribution through a graduated income tax – as promised by politicians such as State Senator Dan Biss and State Rep. Laura Fine among others on both sides of the aisle, who actually will be making the decisions.

Even though my kids and I all graduated from New Trier, I look forward to voting NO.