The Illinois Combine is alive and well – in fact, Illinois Republicans followed tradition when they elected Bruce Rauner governor Nov. 4th. Governor-Elect Rauner crossed over the aisle on Thursday to announce his transition team which includes Democrats such as former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, former Congressman Glenn Poshard, and former State Senator Rev. James Meeks, plus moderates including former Governor Jim Edgar, Congressman Aaron Schock and Pastor Corey Brooks.

Illinois politics-as-usual, before the regimes of Blagojevich and Quinn, meant the Democrat legislature (ruled by Mike Madigan) combined with faux Republican governors (think Jim Thompson and George Ryan) to provide cover for the state government – which then kicked the fiscal can down the road. Business as usual. The only surprise is that it begins only two days after the transformational Rauner campaign ads came to a halt.