Why is anyone surprised that there would be voting irregularities in Chicago of all places. These are two stories about two lawyers, one who tried to vote in a West Jefferson St. precinct and another who tried to vote in Lincoln Park.

Early in the morning, before work, lawyer #1 was given only a one-page ballot; the second page, which she knew contained the referenda and constitutional amendment questions, was just plain missing. The voter’s complaint brought in assistant states attorneys who were confounded as to why only the first page was given out. The Chicago Tribune later reported that this occurred multiple times. Apparently, election judges in some cases were unaware that they needed to distribute two pages, and the additional ballots were found in a corner, still in their cellophane wrappers. Solution for lawyer #1: the choice of voting only the first page or not at all.

Lawyer #2 hurried into the Lincoln Park precinct before a business trip. He first received a paper ballot that already had been filled out. When he questioned the election judges, they accused him of filling out the ballot himself. He demanded a second ballot, which he then completed. The judges refused to allow him to insert the ballot into the computer; instead, they put it into a pile for “later processing.”

Incompetence or corruption? More training for election judges or more compensation? The same old questions – but things seem to be getting worse and worse for voters.