Here’s proof of Illinois voter fraud: early voting touchscreens rigged to Democrats.

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Evidence of voter fraud in Illinois are mounting, as more voters record instances of Republican votes switching over to Democrat candidates in early voting touchscreen voting. A Republican candidate for office in Schaumburg saw that his vote for himself was switched to his opponent on the ballot. He also noted that his attempt to vote for 8th Congressional District candidate Larry Kaifesh was changed to a vote for Democrat Tammy Duckworth. 19-year-old voters in Moline (above) had a similar experience.

Remember to proofread your ballot on election day – especially if using touchscreen; there is no paper trail saved to prove your vote.

Does anyone actually believe these examples are one-offs?


American heroes on the right.

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The Legal Insurrection blog (Cornell Law professor Bill Jacobson) has a terrific synopsis of the Rebel Pundit video archives – including a clip from yesterday’s Dana Show on Blaze T.V. – awakening black Americans to the real Democrat agenda.

UPDATE. Here’s what Rush Limbaugh said on his show today about Rebel Pundit and the patriots he interviewed in Chicago. Via LegalInsurrection.com.

Do Democrats really want to bet the ranch on this spokeswoman giving out this message? #embarrassment

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‘Flip the district. Change the state.’ #KathyMyallsfor17thStateDistrictIL

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Kathy Myalls is taking on the Democrat in the 17th state legislative district as well as the Madigan Democrats in the state: this would be a message of real change for Illinois. Let your neighbors know to vote for Kathy this November 4th. She has a plan, so check it out here.

Illinois is broke and broken. Businesses and families are being forced out. A record number of people have stopped looking for jobs. Too many parents and young people are unemployed or underemployed, forcing them to seek public assistance.”


Watch the birth of a new kind of black leaders in Chicago, unchained from old Democrat promises; looking for answers.

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Why it’s not a good idea to vote early in IL . . . or use touchscreens? #paperballots

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In case you missed the Schaumburg slip-up, a.k.a. voter fraud begins early in Illinois – here is the scoop from early voting.

IL conservatives should vote NO on Nov. 4th referenda; otherwise, consider yourself a true progressive.

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Illinois/North Shore voters are getting lots of referenda red meat on the November 4th ballot – making up, perhaps, for the choice between Democrat Quinn and Democrat-Lite Rauner for governor – and not much else if you are represented by Uber-Democrat Jan Schakowsky. No wonder most of the yard signs are for Bob Dold, who is running in a district that goes north from Scott St. in Glencoe. One sign that says it all might be the one that says, Vote NO. Easy to remember as you wade into the verbiage of the state referenda, plus the special one for a New Trier tax increase.

Here’s a quick look at the reasons to vote NO:

  • Victims’ rights. Sounds nice (as they all do) but this is a gift to the trial lawyers – lots more ways to sue. Vote NO.
  • Voters’ rights. Well, this one aims to make any kind of changes to voting procedures in the future (like voter I.D.) impossible. Vote NO.
  • Minimum wage. Economics 101: when the government forces wage control on private businesses, people get fired. Vote NO.
  • Women’ health. If you think pregnancy is a disease, and you don’t think Sandra Fluke can afford $9 per month for birth control pills, then maybe. Thought ObamaCare already covered this, but maybe not in Illinois? Vote NO.
  • Millionaire’s tax. This revenue enhancer for the man pictured below will not solve Illinois’ pension debt any more than any other tax increase. It will send the money makers packing to Indiana, Wisconsin or beyond. Vote NO.
  • Mental health. Cook County already has more revenues than it can waste. Vote NO.
  • Universal background checks. The 2nd Amendment was included (second) in the Bill of Rights to make sure citizens of the republic had the right to arm themselves against government tyranny. As in Nazi Germany, all lists of gun owners have one purpose: future confiscation of guns. Vote NO.
  • New Trier High School property tax increase. This tax is not for kids, or even teachers unions, but for Supt. Linda Yonke’s building legacy. Do not buy into the argument that property values on the North Shore will be adversely affected by less spending. (Refer back to the predicted result under Millionaire’s tax.) This is the premiere progressive argument. Vote NO.


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